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[Quote] King of Baking - Part 1

Any Korean drama lovers here? Are you watching King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo on Indosiar right now? Be careful cry babies, you need a roll of tissue hehe. I've posted something about this drama before. I posted some English idioms related to the characters. This time, I'd like to post my favourite quotes from this drama. Guys, don't take this drama lightly. If you watch this drama carefully, you'll find some inspiring and heart touching quotes.


Tak Goo, if you continue to use your fist, that is bad too.
The fist is left for the absolute last.
That is what a great person does.
(Kim Mi Sun - Kim Tak Goo's mother)

A child is a mirror of the parents' methods.
If you don't teach him well,
then the only thing ruined later is his own life.
(Kim Tak Goo's grandmother)


You're brave enough to steal,
but you're scared to take responsibility for your mistake.
(Goo Il Jong - Kim Tak Goo's father)

Not getting things with your own hands,
it won't become your own.
No matter how much your father can give you,
if you can't get it yourself,
there is nothing there.
Kim Tak Goo's grandmother)

I am able to be hungry but being embarrassed, I can't handle.
(Kim Tak Goo)

Mom, I want to grow up and be as powerful as the president.
To make a lot of money so I can buy you pretty clothes.
(Kim Tak Goo)


I don't need to be a great person.
I only want to be your son!
(Kim Tak Goo)

Your mom's biggest wish is to watch my son become a really great person.
Don't you want to help me fulfil this wish?

 (Kim Mi Sun - Kim Tak Goo's mother)

Don't get hungry, don't give up.
It doesn't matter how difficult it will be in the future.
you must get through it with a smile, like a real man.
(Kim Mi Sun - Kim Tak Goo's mother)

You can't always be angry,
and you can't always use your fists.
Kim Tak Goo's grandmother)

You must not be shaken.
If you really didn't lie,
then you shouldn't be shaken even a bit.
It doesn't matter if it was a misunderstanding or a set up,
you need to stand firm.
The truth will come out eventually.
Kim Tak Goo's grandmother)


Ever since I was young,
I have seen a lot of people can't maintain on living.
I even lost a very good friend because of it,
he died of hunger.
It was more sad and painful than being killed at war.
Goo Il Jong - Kim Tak Goo's father)


What do you mean, who do I think I am?
I'm your hyung (older brother).
It's an older's job to look after his younger brother
when things get tough, isn't it?
(Kim Tak Goo)

In this life, people who live their lives being good and kind ultimately win.
(Kim Mi Sun - Kim Tak Goo's mother)

Do you know, what is the most embarrassing thing for a man?
It's doing things to make parents worried.
(Kim Tak Goo)

I'll post more quotes soon, fiuh... 25 episodes more to go hehe... But it refreshing to re-watch this drama.

Note: I do not watch this drama on TV, I've got the videos and credit to Written In The Heavens Subbing Squad for providing the English subtitle for Korean drama lovers.

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Kelpo mengatakan...

Wow, I never knew u like korean drama ;D

Ladida mengatakan...

sometimes I like to watch korean drama . ,

I don't know the info about King of Baking . , thanks for ur info friend . , I think it's very interesting . ,

Heni Puspita mengatakan...

@Kelpo, yes, my friends & I like watching Korean dramas :)

@Ladida, you can watch King of Baking on Indosiar at 16:00 (if I'm not mistaken).

Since the genre is drama, I believe some people (mostly women of course) will get teary eyes watching this drama :D

But how the main character's struggle in trying to find his mother & being a great baker is worth watching.

sHeRrY mengatakan...

Hey I'm also a Kdrama lover here! Actually an addict:] Is this drama really good? well, I'm already convinced just by looking up the rating in I have to consider watching this in the future but just not right now because my Christmas vacay sched is fully booked with some other Kdramas. I just finished Spring Waltz and I'm about to watch Personal Preference and in the future I'm also gonna make a list of all the Kdramas I've watched so far:]

Heni Puspita mengatakan...

Based on the rating, yeah hehe. I was a bit hesitated to download this drama - 30 episodes! But the rating convinced me. This drama is full of intrigues, yes... But evil people never win, that's why I love this drama. I've watch Personal Preference (Personal Taste), right now I'm watching Secret Garden & Mary Stayed Out All Night. I want to watch Sungmin's & Siwon's drama too. Wah... so many Korean drama to watch hehe

Ladida mengatakan...

really ?? hmm . , I forget to watch it . ,

woww . , if u tell me first , it's not a surprise for me when I watch it . , heheee . , thanks for ur info friend . ,

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