Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

[Travelling] Wanted! A Green Hideaway for Holiday!

How are you my friends? Are you spending your holiday now? If some of you manage to take few days leave from your work and be able to spend your holiday outside Bandar Lampung, lucky you. But if you still have to work or can't spend your time to find a hideaway outside Bandar Lampung, welcome to the club. Honestly, I've got 4 more days off before I have to think about my schedule and examinations, so let's try to have a not too boring holiday hehe.

If I have to spend my holiday, I prefer being surrounded by a natural environment. Going to the malls is fun, but it takes lots of money :P. Natural environment with green views, fresh air, breezy wind is what I need to feel relax.

When I'm in the mood of something green for my holiday (and it has to be around Bandar Lampung), I think about these places:

Kampung Wisata Tabek Indah

Tabek Indah is one of the entertainment or recreational objects in Lampung with complete facilities. Tabek Indah is located in Natar, about 8 km from downtown. It takes about 30 minutes to get there. This place is perfect for a short vacation with our family or friends. My first impression about this place, it's quiet, peaceful and clean. Perhaps because when I visited Tabek Indah, there weren't many people except some people from one of provider telecommunication companies in Indonesia having a gathering or something like that. But in my opinion, this place is indeed peaceful. It's comfortable and surrounded by trees. Read more...

Taman Wisata Lembah Hijau

Lembah Hijau is one of the mainstay of natural attractions in Bandar Lampung. Lembah Hijau is located on Jl. Raden Imba Kesuma Ratu, Tanjung Karang Barat, Bandar Lampung. It’s a composition of recreational park and a mini zoo located in a hilly area. But, I believe the most attractive facility in this site is the water boom. Read more... Pictures...

Taman Wisata Bumi Kedaton

Taman Wisata Bumi Kedaton (Bumi Kedaton Park) is located seven kilometers from the center of Bandar Lampung, precisely in Batuputu, Teluk Betung Barat. It's a cool temperate area famous for the fresh fruits. We can feel the forest atmosphere on both sides of the road to this park. In this park some facilities are also available such as traditional house of Lampung, cottages with panoramic valleys and hills perfect for relaxing, and outbound area. The park is also crossed by a river with clean and cool water. Read more... Pictures...

Walking around these recreational sites is quiet fun because it means I can work out and enjoy the green view at the same time. Even though I'm sure that these places will be more crowded during the holiday season, for me it's OK. But, if you have another suggestion for me about a natural recreational site to visit, just let me know. Just remember, the place has to be around Bandar Lampung :D... Have a nice holiday!

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