Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

[Travelling] Kampung Wisata Tabek Indah Lampung

Tabek Indah is one of the entertainment or recreational objects in Lampung with complete facilities. Tabek Indah is located in Natar, about 8 km from downtown. It takes about 30 minutes to get there. This place is perfect for a short vacation with our family or friends. My first impression about this place, it's quiet, peaceful and clean. Perhaps because when I visited Tabek Indah, there weren't many people except some people from one of provider telecommunication companies in Indonesia having a gathering or something like that. But in my opinion, this place is indeed peaceful. It's comfortable and surrounded by trees. 

The management provides some sort of huts and camping ground for us to relax. In addition, various other facilities are also available in Tabek Indah such as: place of worship (musholla), swimming pool with waterslide and waterfall, waterboom, cottages, outbound arena (with flying fox, spider web, burma bridge, and paint ball), adventure play garden for children, restaurant and cafe, and and fishing ponds.

The last time I visited this place, I took some pictures around the hut I occupied. Honestly, I didn't do many activities. I just walked around and took pictures. I was in the mood for something green (trees, grass). After that, I had lunch with my family (it's no problem to bring our own food and drink but don't forget to keep the place clean) and took a short nap hehe. Seems like I'll visit this place again someday with my friends, perhaps I'll be able to shoot them with paint ball haha.

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determity mengatakan...

interest travel with expensive cost...

Heni Puspita mengatakan...

It's not expensive for people who live in Bandar Lampung :D

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