Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

[Travelling] Mutun Beach, Lampung

Beach is a favorite tourism objects in Lampung. Sunday or holidays, the beaches in the vicinity of Bandar Lampung is usually full of visitors. Mutun Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Lampung. No wonder, because the distance is relatively close to the capital city, Bandar Lampung. Approximately, it took only 30 minutes to go there.

The beach itself is located on the left side of the main road. From the main road, we need to drive or ride about 1 km to get there. Last time I visited the beach, there were two alternative paths. The first path was shorter but the condition wasn't very good. It was a bumpy dirt road. The second path was further but the condition was better. But still, we need to be careful. There were holes on the paved road.

The cost of entry to this beach is affordable. It's about 10,000 - 20,000 IDR. On the beach itself, there are many huts available to be rented. We need to pay about 30,000 to 100,000 IDR. If you visit the beach during the holiday season, get ready mentally to bid. Usually the owners of those huts tide high tariffs.

There are some activities we can do besides swimming here. We can take a walk, ride kayak, boat, or banana boat. Some people said that we can do snorkeling here, but I haven't tried it yet - nor that I can do it hehe. We can also cross the sea to Tangkil Island, not too far from the beach. I don't remember how much to pay to ride a boat there. Surely we must be smart to bargain here.

My advice, better come here in the morning so you can enjoy the quiet beach atmosphere. Don't try to come here during Idul Fitri holiday. The route to Mutun is usually jammed and the beach itself is crowded. Relax, there are many beaches in Lampung to be visited. We've got many beautiful beaches here!

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