Senin, 27 Desember 2010

[Video] My Most Favourite Live Performance

Have your ever watched your favourite singer/band/music group's performance live? For me, great singers/bands/music groups have to be able to perform their songs live AND the songs have to be as good as the studio versions. Obviously, I'm not a music expert. But, somehow... Usually I (maybe most of us) can notice if there are too many differences between the live version and the studio version of a song. Sometimes (or mostly), the studio version is much better. There's 'something missing' from the live version. I can't complain about a simple music show but if it's about a music concert (even though I just watch it through video) I immediately think about a big stage, live band, great music skills, amazing vocals, etc. It's the chance for the singers/bands/music groups to show us their true quality. OK, I'll stop blabbering now and I'll share about my favourite live music performance.

Have you ever heard about South Korean music group, TVXQ? You can read their complete profile HERE. For me, TVXQ is the best music/idol group in South Korea - despite the lawsuit case against the company. In 2009, TVXQ held their fourth concert tour, Tohoshinki 4th Live Tour 2009: The Secret Code which ended at the Tokyo Dome. The concert was truly fabulous. My most favourite part is when they sang Bolero. Bolero is TVXQ's 25th Japanese single. It became the theme song for a Japanese movie, Subaru. The first time I listened to this song (studio version) my first thought was: WOW! You need a great vocal skill to sing this song. When I watched their live version from The Secret Code video I was: SPEECHLESS! Their live version was totally better than the studio version. I was amazed! For me, their harmonization was perfect and the live music made it better. I'll be waiting for them to get together and sing this song again.

Credit: miyuki6to5

The full show:

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