Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

[Tips] How to Add a Picture Slide to Your Blog

Open this link: http://www.slide.com and sign up first

Choose 'Create a Slideshow'

Upload your pictures

Choose your favourite design

Save your slide show

Share your slide show to Blogger

Copy the code to your blog

You've got a cool slide show now

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Syaifullah Arifin mengatakan...

there are way more easy and simple friend, also not through the site ... homemade ...

budiawanhutasoit mengatakan...

thanks ya heni, untuk tipsnya..

Heni Puspita mengatakan...

One of my mates asked me about how to create a slide show & I could only share this tips ~ since we can use our Facebook pictures too. If you've got easier & more simple tips, please share it here

Sama", tapi pasti banyak yang sudah tau ya tips ini lebih dulu daripada saya :D

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