Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

[Grammar] I'm boring OR I'm bored?

One day, in an English class...

My teacher
Are you sleepy?
Me & my friends
My teacher
Me & my friends
Yes! We’re boring!
My teacher
You are boring?
Me & my friends
My teacher
My & my friends
My teacher

Why did she laugh??? Well, there are many adjectives ending in –ing and – ed. For example, boring and bored. Somebody is bored if something (or somebody, etc.) is boring. Or, if something is boring, it makes you bored.
I’m bored because the movie is boring.
The movie is boring, so I’m bored (not “I am boring”).

If a person is boring, it means that he/she makes other people bored.
Julia is always talks about the same thing. He’s really boring.

So, me and my friends were supposed to say “We are bored” instead of “We are boring”. No wonder my teacher laughed at that time, he he.

There are some other examples of adjectives ending in –ing and – ed:
I was disappointed with the movie
The movie was disappointing
This weather makes me depressed
This weather is depressing
I’m interested in football
Football is interesting

 I'm bored = saya bosan. I'm boring = saya membosankan. Jadi kalau lagi bosan, jangan bilang "I'm boring" nanti diketawain Ibu Guru, hehe.
Source: My personal experience + English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy

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