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[Description] Where is Bandar Lampung?

Describing location can puzzle me sometimes. What do you think of these 'patterns'?

Where's A?
It's     near B
It's     in C
It's     on the     river X   
It's     on the     coast of Y
It's xx km     south     of Z
It's xx km     north     of Z
It's in     East Java
It's in     the east of West Java
It's east of Java

First time I read those patterns, my first reaction was 'HUH?!?!'. Some of them were confusing for me. Thanks to my friends, I've got better understanding now. So, let me try to describe the location of my home town based on those patterns. 

Where is Bandar Lampung?

It’s in Lampung Province. Bandar Lampung as a part of Lampung Province.
It’s in the south of Lampung. Bandar Lampung is located in the south part of Lampung (note: south of Lampung = south part of Lampung; South Lampung = one of regencies in Lampung)
It’s on the coast of Lampung. Coast = land beside the sea.
It’s south of Palembang. Bandar Lampung is not the part of Palembang. We can say, if you're in Palembang and you want to go to Bandar Lampung, you have to go to the south.
It’s 290 km south of Palembang. Almost similar with the previous description. But, based on this description, you find out that Palembang and Bandar Lampung are 290 km away.
It's in Lampung Province = Bandar Lampung (terletak) di Provinsi Lampung (bagian dari Provinsi Lampung.
It's in the south of Lampung = terletak di Lampung bagian selatan (catt: BUKAN/BERBEDA dengan terletak di Kabupaten Lampung Selatan).
It's on the coast of Lampung = terletak di bagian pesisir Lampung.
It's south of Palembang = terletak di sebelah selatan Palembang (BUKAN di Palembang bagian selatan). 
It's 290 km south of Palembang = terletak (berjarak) 290 km  sebelah selatan Palembang.

 I tried my best to give brief explanation. I hope it's useful. 

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