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[Quote] King of Baking - Part 2

Congratulations for King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo casts and writer for winning:

2010 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award - Actress (Jun In Hwa)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Mini Series - Actor (Yoon Shi Yoon)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Mini Series - Actress (Eugene)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Writer Award (Kang Eun Kyung)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Youth Actor Award (Oh Jae Moo)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Yoon Shi Yoon and Lee Young Ah)  



Mom, just wait a little while since I'm coming for you.
I'm going to you, Mom.
(Kim Tak Goo)

If your mom was taken in front of your eyes,
what would you do?
(Kim Mi Sun (Kim Tak Goo's mother) to Jo Jin Goo)

You are afraid you will be embarrassed by looking so weak.
That is why you are so mean, right?
(Shin Yoo Kyung to Goo Ma Joon)

It's you who have met great parents and so don't understand grief but,
there are worse things than being hit by punks.
(Shin Yoo Kyung to Goo Ma Joon)

Tak Goo, he has that quality.
No matter what, you can trust him.
(Shin Yoo Kyung to Goo Ma Joon)

Women can do it too.
I am going to inherit the company from father.
In order to do that, the only thing I can do right now is study.
(Goo Ja Kyung (Kim Tak Goo's eldest sister))

I'm never going to live like you.
You're living with a husband who doesn't love you and hanging on to him.
Holding on to a son who won't become anything,is so pathetic and pitiful.
(Goo Ja Kyung (Kim Tak Goo's eldest sister) to Seo In Sook)

Father knows right away when his son is telling a lie.
(Goo Il Jong (Kim Tak Goo's father))

If her son isn't even trying to find her, then who will?
(Kim Tak Goo)


My mom said good will always triumph over evil in this world.
But, is that true?
(Kim Tak Goo to Master Pal Bong)

If you wish the world to be that way, then it will be.
(Master Pal Bong to Kim Tak Goo)

As the eldest daughter, I've been trying my best to fulfill my responsibilities.
But I will not follow Mom's ways.
(Goo Ja Kyung (Kim Tak Goo's eldest sister) to Seo In Sook)

I know of two ways to enter that bakery.
One is to buy bread.
It's to learn bread-making.
(Master Pal Bong to Kim Tak Goo)


When have I...
When have I only chosen people based on skill?
(Master Pal Bong to Yang In Mok)

If they are (Jin Gu and Tak Goo) fated to meet, it cannot be avoided.
Whether it's for the better or worse.
(Master Pal Bong to Yang In Mok)

Even if you say you'll kill me, I have no right to hate you.
I'm sorry.
(Jo Jin Goo to Kim Tak Goo)

When I see bread...
hateful memories come back
I think of hateful people...
so I hate bread...
enough to break out into hives.
When I swallow bread...
I hate it enough to throw up.
(Kim Tak Goo to Master Pal Bong)

Then you have not lived life as a good person.
Living life as a good person
means getting rid of hate, anger, and dislike.
When your mom told you to live life as a good person,
that's what she must have meant.
Don't hate and don't get angry,
(Master Pal Bong to Kim Tak Goo)

Haven't there been times when
you've been happy because of bread?
Think about those happy memories.
make amends with the hatred
and hurtful memories in your heart.
(Master Pal Bong to Kim Tak Goo)


Each time I smell bread baking,
I have hope of living again.
Isn't that enough, Master?
(Jo Jin Goo to Master Pal Bong)

What should I do, Master?
For that child to forgive my crimes...
(Jo Jin Goo to Master Pal Bong)

A day will certainly come for you
to do something good for him.
(Master Pal Bong to Jo Jin Goo)

I came to see
someone else, not you.
My childhood friend, Kim Tak Goo.
The one you always wanted
to beat, but never could.
(Shin Yoo Kyung to Goo Ma Joon)

Why weren't you a son, Noona.
If it were like that then our lives won't be such a mess.
(Goo Ma Joon to Goo Ja Kyung)

Shin Yoo Kyung
It doesn't matter whether in the past
or right now...
You are the most beautiful when you smile.
(Kim Tak Goo to Shin Yoo Kyung)

I decided to believe...
I will eventually meet my mother again,
as long as I don't give up.
We will eventually meet again...
(Kim Tak Goo)
Credit to Written In The Heavens Subbing Squad for providing the English subtitle for Korean drama lovers.

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