Minggu, 13 Februari 2011

[Grammar] Complaining Noun

Look at this cute boy. Let's name him Toby. In your opinion, where does he live? Yes, he live in a small country village with fresh air, clean water, farms, a small wood, and beautiful views. 

Right now, Toby is visiting his cousin who lives in a big city. Do you think Toby likes staying in a big city? Please read what does Toby say about big city:

There are too many people. There are too many cars.
There is too much garbage. There is too much noise.

There aren't enough trees.
There isn't enough fresh air. There isn't enough clean water.

What is Toby doing? Yes, he's complaining about the condition in the big city. Toby finds out that living in a big city isn't always as pleasant as living in a small country village. Now, how do you complain about these conditions? Remember:

There + are + too + many + countable noun (plural)
There + is + too + much + uncountable noun

There + aren't + enough + countable noun (plural)
There + isn't + enough + uncountable noun
So how do you complain about those condition? Yes, you can say that:

There are too many crimes.
There is too much garbage.
There isn't enough food.
There isn't enough money.

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