Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

[Travelling] Klara Beach, Lampung

Last week I went to the beach again. After my morning stop at the natural hot water bath in Natar, suddenly I had an idea to find a place for a picnic lunch. So I drove to the Navy Base Camp in Padang Cermin. Near the base camp, there is a beach known as Klara Beach or Pantai Klara.

Klara Beach is located about 35 kilometers from Bandar Lampung. It took about 1 hour and 30 minutes to drive from Natar to the beach. But it took only 1 hour to drive from Klara Beach back to Bandar Lampung. On the road, sometimes it felt like climbing the mountain through the valley but it was pretty fun because I could see the green scenery on either side of the road. But be careful, don’t speed along the journey. It’s very dangerous.

At first, I thought the name of the beach was ‘Clara Beach’ – a very cool name. Apparently, it’s not ‘Clara’ but ‘Klara’ – the short version of Kelapa Rapat. Naturally, it’s because there many coconut trees or pohon kelapa on this beach, growing in adjacent distance. There are also quite a lot spade trees or pohon waru. But honestly, it’ll be less cool if we name the beach Wara Beach or Pantai Wara – Waru Rapat huh?

Klara Beach is located on the left side of the main road. Seems like, there are two entrances. I chose the second entrance because it’s got wider surrounding coastal area for parking the car. Meanwhile, around the first entrance there were too many coconut trees. Somewhat, it’s difficult to park the car.

The entrance fee is quite cheap, really. It’s only 20,000 dollars, ups I mead 20,000 IDR per car. I also rented a hut and I only had to pay 20,000 IDR. As in other beaches, we can find life buoys rentals here. I’ve had enough playing water at the natural hot water bath, so after I had my lunch, I only walked through the beach and took some pictures. I found some jellyfish that washed up dead. Unfortunately, I didn’t see Spongebob, Patrick, or Mr. Crab here.

The sea water on Klara Beach doesn’t seem as clear as on Mutun Beach. But honestly, I prefer the atmosphere on this beach since it’s not too crowded. It feels more comfortable. Once satisfied with a walk, I returned to the hut. It was fun to be able to lie down inside the hut, under the coconut trees, accompanied by the sound of the waves and the breezy wind. It will be very nice to take a nap with such an atmosphere like this everyday, isn’t it?

Finally, at 1 P.M. I got ready to return to Bandar Lampung. As usual, when I arrived at the intersection in Pasar Kota Karang, Teluk Betung, I was welcomed by traffic jam. Welcome to the stuffy atmosphere of the city. Strangely, I didn’t feel tired at all. Usually all I wanted to see were my bed, pillows, and bolsters after such a long trip. Hmm… perhaps it’s the influence of the hot water bath and the quiet beach. Back to nature indeed the best cure and entertainment after hectic weekdays. 

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Fatkhan mengatakan...

Enjoy with your Touring

sibutiz mengatakan...

wach,makasih atas infonya ya ka...
keren abis.

Heni Puspita mengatakan...

@Fatkhan & @sibutiz > thank you :)

rezkaocta mengatakan...

cantiiik bangeeett!
pengen dah ksana... :')

Heni Puspita mengatakan...

@rezkaocta > please come then :)

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