Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

[Football] Garuda Can Fight Back! Proud to be Indonesian!

I'm not disappointed even though Indonesia national football team hasn't won the title AFF Cup 2010. For me, the national team has given an exceptional performance tonight. The players created some good chances, only Malaysian goalkeeper was very tough. But, Muhammad Nasuha and Muhammad Ridwan proved that Malaysia's goal post wasn't goalproof

 Credit to Alberto_2204 for this picture

If some people still give bad comments about the team, I'd like to borrow my friend's Twitter update "seeing the national team's struggle, then think for a million times before you insult them". Garuda can fight back, the players have proved it tonight. You guys really made me proud. And as expected before, Twitter once again flooded by supporting words toward the team. Let's see what's on top trending topic tonight:

 I'm not the one who proud of Indonesia national team. We love you Garuda!

Spread the love, people!

One of the fighters on pitch tonight. I've just read a new description for him "Indonesian midfielder, his exceptional performance in 2010 AFF Cup final match earn his country their 1st goal earning him the adoration of fans".

No comment :D

Indonesian Twitter users are the best!

Thank you so much Mr. Alfred Riedl!

Sportive game, peaceful supporters, proud to be Indonesian. Once again, thank you Indonesian national team! Your struggles have brought us together tonight and hopefully forever. Garuda, keep fighting!!! Tetaplah berjuang Garudaku!!!

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r10 mengatakan...

senang suporter indonesia suportif ga rusuh, mungkin krn yg nonton di GBK suporter kelas menengah ke atas, atau juga penonton usia dewasa bukan penonton ABG tanggung seperti di ISL yang suka rusuh dan tawuran

Heni Puspita mengatakan...

Semoga final piala AFF kemarin bisa menjadi contoh bagi supporter" itu :)

iGunsa mengatakan...

Always support our TimNas..
iLoveIndonesia ;)

Heni Puspita mengatakan...

@iGunsa > we love Indonesia ;)

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