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[Travelling] Museum of Lampung Province "Ruwa Jurai"


State Museum of Lampung Province "Ruwa Jurai" is a public museum exhibits various kinds of natural historical and cultural heritage of Lampung. The museum was inaugurated on 24 September 1988 by Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs, Prof. DR. Fuad Hassan.

The entire collection of the Museum of Lampung totalling approximately 4,000 pieces, which are classified into 10 groups, namely: Geologic, Biologic, Ethnographic, Archaeological, Historic, Numismatic/Heraldic, Philological, Ceramological, Arts, and Technological collection.

Lampung Museum presents a collection of prehistoric times and the period of history as evidence of the ancient past. Human life begins with prehistoric times with a simple lifestyle, hunting and gathering. Then, humans began to live by staying in one place, growing crops up to the level of knowing how to use metal.

Archaeological collection of artefacts from prehistoric times including stone tools found at sites in Padang Cermin South Lampung, nekara and bronze vessel from Labuhan Maringgai, beads from Sumber Jaya and various kinds of fossils.

Museum of Lampung also have got collections of cultural heritage of Hindu-Buddhist influences, such as Apsari Relief Statue, Buddha Statue, religious ceremonial tools and inscriptions. Meanwhile, the influence of Islamic culture in Lampung can be seen in terms of religion and social order of society as well as on cultural objects that were used.

Some examples of collections on display at the Museum of Lampung:

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