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[Description] Daily Activities

Use Present Simple to describe your daily activities.

What do you do every morning?
I get up, take a shower, and brush my teeth.

What does he do every night?
He eats dinner, watches TV, and goes to bed.

What does she do everyday?
She washes the dishes, feeds the cat, and walks the dog.

I get up at 6:00 A.M., but my sister gets up at 5 A.M.
My sister eats breakfast at 7:30.
When my sister is late for work, she puts on her make up on the train.
I don't watch TV, but my sister watches TV after dinner.
I go to bed before 11:00 P.M., but my sister goes to bed after 11:00.
I take a bath every morning, but my sister takes a shower.
I make the bed on weekdays, and my sister makes the bed on the weekend.
I brush my teeth three times a day, but my sister brushes her teeth twice a day.

How about you? What do you do everyday?

Source: Word by Word Picture Dictionary and Longman Top Notch Fundamentals

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